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Paladin Knight Comics was formed to archive the story of The Paladin Knight. His realm is where good and evil battle, where selfishness and selflessness is a daily decision and where quests will either shape a person ~ or destroy them...

Conceived and created by Chris Lance, The Paladin Knight is a hero for the people. His motto, "Good always wins over evil, but not without a sacrifice," is his mantra. His belief is that, "There is a Hero in every one of us, waiting for the time when we are forced to make a choice between good and evil, ready to emerge and fight for what is right -- because Heroes have the courage to do what is right. My goals are to change people's lives for the better, to help the helpless, and to give hope to people when there is none." - The Paladin Knight

Chris is always seeking talented individuals to form The Paladin Knight Team. Join us on this journey from the very beginning as we create the first four issues of "The Paladin Knight Chronicles!"©

Alex Horley Artwork Revealed!

Commissiond over a decade ago, this piece or amazing fantasy artistry of The Paladin Knight was kept under wraps for a proposed publicity project that never happened. Now, here for your enjoyment is our hero in a spectacular setting. What better way to represent Good Over Evil?