Buffalo Diamonds the Movie

Hackettstown, NJ is home to the latest production of Buffalo Diamonds the Movie, a full feature independent film about two former world video game champs. Alexander Rex and Max Mendelsohn are best friends that have lost their edge. Deperate to get back on top, they will do or try anything, including neglecting their own children. Max stumbles upon an underground card game that can bring riches and fame back into their lives - but at what price.

Produced by Paladin Knight Pictures, the film is directed by Entertainment Entrepreneur, Chris Lance. His first attempt at film making was at 10 when he made a stop-animation film with toy dinosaurs. His interests quickly expanded to horror films and bribed his older cousins to star in "The Exterminator", a home movie complete with dummies falling out of windows! He attended several community colleges for acting and later, the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York where he improved his craft. Chris obtained alot of experience as an extra on OZ, Law and Order, several independent films and the motion picture Seredipity. He then grabbed leading roles in several student films, including Wilson in "The Rut" an independent Hunter College film. Switching to the Sanford Meisner Method, Chris studied for five years with actor Glen Vincent of Maywood, NJ. Two more independent films and a Hershey Chocolate ad later, Chris expanded into film directing.

Back in 1999, Chris stumbled upon a short film by friend and renown writer/poet, John Dorsey while acting in "Women, Blackmail and Other Monsters". Chris was so impressed with the concept, that he bought the script from John and adapted it to a full feature. Filming ends in August and is slated for release in Spring 2012.

Based on the short by JOHN DORSEY written by MAX LEHMAN, CHRIS LANCE and SHARON DEBOWSKI


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