Family Harvest Festival and Medieval Faire
Saturday October 5th, 2002
Sunday October 6th, 2002
10 am - 5pm
Four Sister's Winery
Belvidere, NJ

Welcome to the world of the New Jersey Family Harvest Festival and Medieval Faire where Reality is Limited Only by Your Imagination!

2001 Was a wonderful year! Festival patrons had their senses tingled by daring Sword Fighters, musicians, jugglers and jesters. Elfs, Dwarves, Fairies and other character races from the known fantasy world came to pay homage to the Festival. The medieval fantasy hero The Paladin Knight was seeking his archenemy The Baron. Craft Tents where artisans offered a tempting array of exotic riches and mouth-watering aromas tempted patrons at every turn. Young and old alike froliced in Games of Skill. Others enjoyed a ride on the Festival Hayride, while some got lost in the Corn Maze. Brave patrons who wanted to become a hero, joined a Quest through the lands of Mattysville.