Paladin Music & Entertainment, Inc.

NJ Family Medieval & Fantasy Festival
Saturday, October 22nd and
Sunday, October 23, 2005
11 am - 6pm
Village of Waterloo
Stanhope, NJ

* A Portion of the Festival's Proceeds Will Go To the
NJ Chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation!

* Arrive Early! First 100 Patrons on Saturday and Sunday Get a FREE Festival Stadium Cup!

(Please, one cup per family. 100 cups will be given out each day while supplies last)

The NJ Medieval & Fantasy Festivals are host to the ongoing story of The Paladin Knight, a Medieval Fantasy Hero. It is about courage, loyalty, determination, good versus evil and...well...having fun and enjoying life to the fullest!

This year, the Festival was held in Perdonia (Waterloo Concert Field) known for it skilled jousters, variety of merchants, entertainment and lush land.

Anton the Great, Count of Perdonia, offered The Paladin Knight the Quartz Stone of Truth to use on the evil Baron so that the whereabouts of the Five Stones of Life may be discovered. (Several years before, The Baron had stolen them from the Village of Five Stones, pillaging and killing the peasant folk on his quest for power.)

Once the location of the stones are revealed, The Baron will be sent into exile and Perdonia's mightiest warrior, selected from a Jousting Tournament, will venture out on a Quest with The Paladin Knight to retrieve the stones.

Two Jousting Tournaments were held. The first was of skill, the second was of combat. The winner will accepted the honor of going on a Quest with The Paladin to recover the Five Stones of Life.

But things got a bit crazy! An abnormal and mysterious storm pounded and drenched the Festival on Saturday - almost as if to prevent The Baron from being interrogated! However, The Baron's fate could not be escaped. Homage, celebration and dance was paid to the Quartz Stone of Truth as it was prepared. Then, the moment all had waited for - The Baron. But wait! His hood was removed to reveal that this was NOT the Baron, but an imposter! His guards were actually his henchen! Battle ensued, but good overcame evil.

The Paladin Knight hung his head low. He was no where closer to finding the Stones of Life than he was finding his lost love Kayla. So the saga continues...

This year, the Festival broke several new records. 1. Most rain in one day - and night! (3 inches +), 2. Most patrons in one day (1,300+ on Sunday), 3. Most vendors (45+), 4. Most participants (over 70) . 5. First television commercial. The Festival had it's best year ever!

I want personally like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff from Waterloo Village, volunteers, returning loyal and new vendors, entertainment, returning actors from Mystic Realms, Phoenix Swords and our new friends from Paragon Jousting, as well as the attending patrons. - Chris Lance, Producer

Participating Vendors
About Face
After Midnight
Hand Sculptured Fantasy Figures
Ageless Fashions
Aurorae Visions
Barbarians & Babes
Big Bob's Little Knife Shop
Bob's Mountain Fudge
Chralie's Pizza & Veggie Hut
Close to My Heart
Cowan Textiles
Designs by Diane
Enchanted Garden, The
Faery Life
Felice's Finds
Follow the Rainbow
Gypsy's Dream Spiritual Shoppe
Happy Trails Walking Art
Heart of the Palm
Inspirations of Hackettstown
Isaac Bonewitz
JC Sales
Jenn's Kreations
JYO Designs
Kelly's Gift Shoppe
Kris Kreations
Lady Maiden's Popcorn & Snacks
Sir Lawrence & Leenie's Lusty Leather
Monica's Decorative Painting Studio
Pointy Eared Artisan, The
Priscilla Prisms
Reyen Design Studios
Sachs & Byrne - Elaine and Bob Paquet
Silver Wolf Productions
Something Else Studio
Tate & Co.
Texas Smoke Barbecue
3 Cats Candles & Herbs LLC
The Tipsy Turtle
Treasures of Another Time
Trinity Warholak
Trish Reynolds
Under the Mystical Moon
Woven While the Cat Napped

(Were you at the Festival and we forgot to put your name down? Oops! Call us and we'll fix it.)


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