The 2008 NJ Family Medieval and Fantasy Festival will be on June 7-8, 2008!

Paladin Music & Entertainment, Inc.

2007 NJ Family Medieval and Fantasy Festival
Saturday, June 9 *10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, June 10 * 12 pm - 7 pm

St. Mark's Concert Field * 59 Spring Lane * Long Valley, NJ


The 2007 NJ Medieval & Fantasy Festival saw a new venue and time of year. It's success was due to good attendance by local and loyal patrons, over two dozen vendors, a variety of music - more than we have ever had, contests, face painting, castle bounce house, educational demonstrations, and a murder mystery. For the first time, we had a 40x80' tent in case of rain or, this year, for shade. Village folk interacted with patrons and The Paladin Knight made his appearance on Sunday.

"I think what makes this festival so successful, is its warm, intimate and fun-filled atmosphere. There's not greater satisfaction than seeing smiles on parents and laughter in children. The energy is so positive and strong, One would think our team would be exhausted from all the work, yet instead, we feel rejuvenated! It truly is magical!" -Chris Lance, Producer

This year's story...what happened!

The village Marcus Templum is located in the mountainous land of Mons Silva, known for its scenic views, rolling hills, babbling creeks, and well...haunted woods! The local folk are kind and jovial and love their music! The Duchess of the village invited Princess Julissa as her guest. But something is awry! The Duke is missing! The Paladin Knight, being delayed by another quest on his journey to the village, hear's of this tragedy. He sends word to his friend, Sir William, to attend the Medieval Festival and solve the mystery. The weekend long investigation reveals that the Duke had an affair with the peasant woman Melissa, The Duchess found out and hired the Rat Catcher to abduct and dispose of the Duke! Sir William discovered this and placed the Duchess under armed guards. What will happen next? Attend the 2008 NJ Family Medieval and Family Festival to find out!!

Music Entertainment Summary
By popular request, the emphasis of this year's NJ Festival was on music!

Our Featured Musical Guests for the Weekend were...

Jodee James
(Saturday and Sunday)

Vocals & guitar

Jodee James, brings a new energy to the music of Wales. A top Celtic artist in MP3 sales, Jodee conjures the very essence of tradition, whether of this century or many centuries before us. U.K. music critic Simon Jones of Folk Roots says about Jodee, "with her voice like a nightingale she spins century old tales in with her own deft touches to create modern settings for ancient Welsh music and lore." Jodee enjoys local history and with her music strives to carry on the stories of immigration and Welsh placement here in America. Singing traditional songs in both Welsh and English, she also incorporates Welsh legend, historical events and "fancy", into her original songs. Nobles, shepherds, lovers and dreamers, birds as messengers and inspiring heroes all come to life in Jodee's music.

Jodee has performed throughout North America at venues such as the National Welsh American Foundation, Washington DC; Longwood Gardens, PA; Ames City Auditorium, IA; University of Pittsburgh; Plymouth Medieval Forum, NH; Celtic Connections Concerts, IL; New Jersey Folk Festival; Musikfest, PA; Irish Cultural & Heritage Center of Milwaukee; Godfrey Daniels, PA, Walnut Valley Festival, KS; Walt Whitman Arts Center, NJ, and the W.A. Singleton Center for the Arts, VA. Jodee has toured with Ireland's button accordion wizard David Munnelly and his band. She is a member of the storytelling and song duo Merched Madoc, as well as the band, Celtic Sisters.

Arlene Muzyka
Percussion, Harmonium & Backing Vocals
Her name says it all ;) Multi-instrumentalist Arlene Muzyka adds her own blend of ethnic percussion. She has performed at various venues such as Longwood Gardens, Milwaukee Irish Cultural Center and the University of Pittsburgh. Arlene has performed with groups including the New York Choral Society, Harmonium and is a member of Celtic Sisters. Arlene is also known for her unique original jewelry designs, including Celtic jewelry.

Violetta Norrie
Child Harpist
Violetta Norrie has been playing the harp since the age of 6 (she is now 10). A resident of New Jersey, Violetta is fifth grader at Edgemont Montessori School where she is a member of the Orff Ensemble under the direction of Alan Price. Frances Duffy is her private harp teacher. She also studies piano with Rebecca Eng. Violetta was the youngest harpist to attend last year's American Harp Society Summer Camp sponsored by the New Jersey Youth Symphony. This coming summer, she will be participating in the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.


Jeff Kalmar
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Kalmar is a guitarist with over 30 years' experience in rock, folk and Celtic traditional music. He has played with such bands as The Reelies, Orion, Summerland, AvalonUSA, Real Magick and Music for the Goddess. Currently he is preparing for the 2007 Renaissance Faire season and recording a solo CD for release this summer.



Brenadette Acuria
Brenadette is an up and coming young vocalist. Paladin Music & Entertainment, Inc. has always enjoyed discovering new, talented artists and featuring them at the Medieval Festival. Brenadette is no exception! A student at Hackettstown High School, Brenadette has performed in several school musicals, sung the national anthem at games, and participates in her local church choir.

Rob Reyes
Acoustic Guitar
Rob did an excellent job as sound man. This rocker brought his softer side to the Festival as he accompanied Brenadette Acuria on acoustic guitar. Rob's acting skills equal his amazing musical talent and is no stranger to Paladin Music. He has been cast in an episode of MTV's "Damage Control" and played Sgt. Sandoval in the local Halloween production of "The Hunt for the Jersey Devil!"

Other Entertainment in the Realm

The Adrian Empire
The Adrian Empire dazzled patrons with light and heavy armour demonstrations. Some of the knights had fun on Sunday joing in on the Adult Pillow Joust! The Adrisn Empire is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study and recreation of Western European culture between the years 1066 and 1603. Their members work to recreate the arts and skills of this era. They also include other cultures that commonly interacted with the Western Europeans during our time frame. This exciting development means there is now even more rich history, culture, and tradition to explore!

The Duchy of Cambridge incorporates the Northeastern lands of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont, with events held on the third weekend of every month. Please visit their Yahoo Group for the latest information about our upcoming events. Cambridge Yahoo group.

The borders for the Shire of Burgandy are mundanely known as the Northeastern/Central counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Within these borders, you will discover and experience many old traditions of Adria as the viceroy of the Shire, Sir Antoine de Burgandy is one of the Founding Viscounts of the Empire itself. Burgundy Yahoo Group.

The NJ Chinese Historical Swordsmanship Society
We were pleased to welcome the Ziran T'aichi Kungfu Center who demonstrated throughout the day, the core skills of Chinese Historical Swordsmanship using instructional methods from the 11th century and developed by the Yang Family to train Chinese military in the 1800`s. The majority of the techniques and fighting methods used in this system of swordsmanship are derived from the Yang Family Michuan Taiji Sword form and the Yang Taiji public sword form widely practiced in the Chen Man Ching Lineage. The practice of Chinese Historical Swordsmanship begins with the Jian (straight sword). Other weapons such as sabre, spear, etc. are later introduced, allowing for varied combat dynamics.

Why: Thousands practice Chinese sword forms, but few have been trained in their actual martial use. Chinese swordsmanship in the modern era is almost a lost art. Practice of weapons in taiji are often used as advanced training in order to enhance and improve skills such as balance, extension, centralization, fajing, etc. Although these remain important benefits, taiji swordsmanship and other weapons training were first and foremost a practical combative system.

DragonFlame Archery
Tim Willis returned to the NJ Medieval Festival showing off his archery skills! As a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and owner of DragonFlame Archery, Tim gave archery demonstrations throughout the weekend.

The Wandering Poet
Edmund Baranowski is a peasant who has been traveling the country performing his poetry in bars, coffee houses, and bookstores, fairs, festivals, and on the street, from NY to LA, the Boundary Waters to the Sonoran Desert, the Bay of Fundy to Malory Square.

He has made appearances as the Wandering Poet at National Parks and Renaissance Faires in MN, AZ, CA, WY, CO, NY, NJ, PA, NC, and Canada.

He has 127 original poems prepared for delivery and would tell any of them to anyone who would look a peasant in the eye. He also has five books of poems which he made himself with parchment and yarn. You can find him wandering almost anywhere in the realm bowing to all who pass him by.



Trish Reynolds, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author
The Trish Reynolds is a prolific fantasy and science fiction author. She wrote for New Moon Rising Magazine for the twelve years it was in print. Trish is also the author of a number of popular novels in the paranormal and fantasy genres. She joins us today to sign her latest book and, as Zyalia, Hogwart's Dragon Mistress, presented a fun talk on "Dragons!"




Blessing Archangels
Owner Ray Kenyon has created some magnificent dragons and angel wings. This is not a religious group, but a neat game that Ray brings to many faires and festivals. This year's game for young children was +Fight with the Invisible Knight+.


Contest Summary

Murder Mystery
For those cleaver patrons who solved the murder mystery, they were rewarded with a game at the Blessing Archangels arena.

Pillow Jousting
Sunday's Pillow Joust wasn't just for kids. The adults had their chance to pummel each other as welll. There were no formal heats, but all had fun taking turns!

Dragon Eye Contest
The winner of the Dragon Eye Contest was MAxine F. from Chester, NJ. There 2,550 marbles!

Costume Contest
Quite a few adults were dressed up for the costume contest. The audience voted for their favorite via applause. The winner was a lovely Pirate!

Prince & Princess Contest
About a dozen children 12 and under dressed up to enter. Princess Julissa chose the winners!

Participating Vendors
Below are merchants that helped make our event a success!

Ageless Fashions - from Trinkets, Trappings and Trouble.
Ashley's Creations - Handcrafted semi-precious and glass beads, earrings, necklaces, ankle bracelets for adults and children
BagTags USA - Personalized, customized, bagtags - done on site - while you wait!
Blessing Archangels - Fight the dragon! Game for children.
Bon Chic - Beaded handbags, tapestry, jewelry.
Daemetheria, LLC - New and pre-owned renaissance clothing and accessories, pirate hats, t-shirts and novelties
Dragon's Claw Renaissance Outlet - It's a Medieval & Rennaisance consignment shop! Too many items to list!
DragonFlame Archery - Archery demonstration, bows, arrows, more bows, furs, chainmail, blades and more!
Faerie Tales - Handcrafted precious & semi-precious jewelry & accessories.
The Happy Dance, LLC - Wands, hats, wings and costumes for children.
Healing Earth Center and Ayllusuyu - Physic and healer.
Heather Peterson - Magic Wands & Fairy Homes.
Home Accents Pottery by Ron - Functional and decorative stoneware pottery and porcelain.
JC Sales - Handcrafted jewelry pewter, crystals and T-shirts.
JD Ceramics - Wizards, Dragons, Unicorns and Fairies.
Jacqui's Jewelry Boutique - handcrafted crystal/gemstone jewelry, beads, pendants and more!
Jennifer L. Den - Fantasy ceramics and hand painted wood items.
Paladin Music & Entertainment, Inc. - Producer of this Festival. Promoting the Quest for the Best Young Performer's Piano Competition 11-17-07.
Patricia Feyrer - Handcrafted jewelry.
Star Seed Charms - Handcrafted amulets and crystal/natural stone charms and jewelry.
Story Picture Products - Theme jewelry including heraldic and Lord of the Rings series.
The Tipsy Turtle - Henna, hairwraps & hairbraiding, henna'd wood items
Trinity Incense - Quality resin incense blends.
Trish Reynolds - Science Fiction and Fantasy Author.
Yan Yan - Handcrafted flower & fashion jewelry.

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