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The Paladin Knight!
Medieval Fantasy Super Hero!

Photo by Burke Heffner

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Paladin Knight Comics

The early story of the Paladin Knight will be told in a 4 issue comic book being published by Paladin Knight Comics slated for release in early 2011.
Stay tune for details and teasers!

September 18-19, 2010

The NJ Lakewood Renaissance Faire
Lakewood, NJ
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After a year off fighting evil in the world, the Paladin Knight returns for a weekend of fun and festivities as the SCA joins merchants, performers and village folk in this educational and fun weekend!
(Inclement weather will prevent this appearance)

October - Every Friday, Saturday and Halloween

Fright Fest 2010 - The Kingdom of Chaos!
Schaefer Farms
Flemington, NJ
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The Paladin Knight returns to this Medieval Kingdom of Horror. Is he there to guide you safely through or has he fallen under an evil spell ?

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