Paladin Knight Entertainment, Ltd.
Production Services


The Production Department for Paladin Knight Entertainment, Ltd. is the backbone of all of
divisions. It is comprised of experienced staff that can handle any aspect of your production.
Our specific services include:

Music Production

In conjunction with our Talent Management Division, we record, mix, master and distribute
your music to iTune, Amazon, Spotify, RDIO, eMusic, Deezer and more, throughout the


We maintain a large, up to date database of union/non-union actors, performers and crew to help
meet the needs of your entertainment project. Our client list includes, but not limited to, MTV,
NFL Films, and Paramount Pictures, as well as our own inhouse film projects.

Audio/Video Recording

Our inventory of current professional audio and video equipment enable us to handle live audio
and video recording on any scale. From the school play to the stadium concert, our team will
record, process and deliver quality results.

Our clients include arts organizations, schools, and individuals for a variety of personal and
public projects. We have processed hundreds of audition CD/DVD's for high school students
applying to music/arts colleges.

Halloween Attractions

As producer of the "The Hunt for the Jersey Devil", our experience in working at and producing
indoor/outdoor Halloween Attractions make us an ideal consultant, production team or producer for
your event. Visit our Corporate Portfolio to view the
gallery of past attractions.

Medieval and Renaissance Festivals

With over 10 years of experience in the Medieval Renaissance Production Industry, our Festival
team is second to none when choosing a company to produce your next soft renaissance faire.
We've already learned about the pitfalls and reaped in the successes that will enable us to act as
your festival consultant, production team, or producer. Our clients include, the Boy Scouts of America,
Rider University and local public schools to only name a few. Visit our Corporate Portfolio to view the
gallery of past festivals.




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