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Paladin Knight Recordings is a successful full service label with worldwide, retail distribution through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, RDIO, eMusic, Deezer and more. We specialize in, but are not limited to, pop, trance and ambient. Working hand in hand with our Talent Management Division, we sign talented, ambitious, up and coming artists, who have a passion for their art.
Not only are we dedicated to the production and distribution of our client's music, but we promote and guide them in the direction of their goals
towards success.

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Music Album Release: The Spirit of Christmas

Lauren Layfield is proud to announce the release
of her first album, "The Spirit of Christmas" on Paladin
Knigth Recordings. Currently available on iTunes and
Amazon Music, her album is slated for a dozen more
on-line digital stores in over six countries in the next
few days. Read about the whole story here.

The Spirit of Christmas makes an excellent Christmas gift for a loved one.
Order now by clicking from your favorite on-line store below.


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