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Talent Management and Career
Consultation Program

Paladin Music Talent Management, a division of Paladin Music and Entertainment, Inc is devoted to helping aspiring and professional actors, musical artists and models pursue their dreams, while avoiding the numerous pitfalls, scams and other obstacles in the entertainment industry. We work hard to assist our talent and provide guidance and support in all areas of the entertainment industry.

We do this by helping to shape the direction of one’s career, in order to pave the road towards achieving their dreams. Through advising our talent on major career decisions and image development, we help them find the best niche for their look and talents while guiding them towards reaching their ultimate career goals.

After an extensive interview process, the individual will be given techniques and tools required to achieve his or her goal. Topics include developing the necessary network, auditions, publicity, writing personal plans and more. Consultation Sessions are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on the student's level of commitment and are customized to predetermined goals.

How to Become a working Actor
in 6 Weeks©
(6 Weeks consisting of 5 Classes + 1 Photo shoot)

A must for those interested in pursuing film or stage acting as a career or hobby! Topics include what it takes to be an actor, acting schools and coaches, monologues, scene study, audition techniques, unions, publicity, managers vs. agents, self promotion, where to find acting jobs, avoiding scams, and more. Upon completion, the student will possess the necessary materials needed to get a job, including headshots and resume.

Ages: 12 through Adult.
Prerequisite: By Interview
Required Materials: Notebook
Tuition: $250.00

How to Become a Working Musician
in 6 Weeks©
(6 Weeks consisting of 4 Classes + 1 Photo Shoot +2 Hrs Studio Time)

Those interested in finding work in the music business - from rock to Classical, Broadway to Hip-Hop - should enroll in this program. Students will be taught what it takes to be a working musician: performer, writer, composer. Activities include networking, forming a band/solo act, how to book public performances, auditions, publicity, self promotion, music and composer unions, copyright, legal issues and writing personal plans. Students will spend 2 hours at a local professional recording studio, creating a demo. Upon completion, students will possess a press kit (headshots, bio, and demo) and the knowledge on how to start working as a musician.

Ages: 12 through Adult.
Prerequisite: Intermediate to Advanced Skill on an instrument/voice; By Interview
Required Materials: Notebook
Tuition: $250.00

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Course descriptions, policies and tuition schedule subject to change without notice.